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    Gun safes are an important piece of equipment for anyone that owns a firearm. There are many different types of gun safes, some more effective than others.

    The best gun safes are the ones that offer security, convenience, and versatility. Security means that it is hard to break into and crack its code, convenience is how easy it is to use and manage your guns and accessories in it, and versatility is how many different types of guns or accessories it can hold.

    With modern day burglaries getting more sophisticated by the day, it is wise to invest in a high-quality gun safe. Anyone that has children or family members that may not know how to handle a firearm safely should especially do this!

    This article will talk about some of the top rated gun safes on the market today and what makes them so great.

    Security features

    cannon 45-minute fire rated 40 gun safe ts5934-45-h1fec-17

    Security features are what make a safe more than just a container that locks. Security features include adjustable security settings, internal adjustable dividers, and special locking mechanisms.

    Some safes offer adjustable security settings that allow you to set a number of different passwords for entry. This is great for safes that are being moved frequently as it takes multiple tries to get in.

    Internal adjustable dividers allow you to separate your belongings which helps prevent someone from taking everything out all at once. This is helpful if you are storing documents or items of value separately.

    Special locking mechanisms help make it harder for someone to break into the safe. Some have very strong hinges or bolts that require special tools to remove them. Others have solid internal walls making it harder to reach what is inside.

    Pistol storage

    Another popular handgun storage option is a wall mount safe. These are very similar to a nightstand except they are usually on the wall instead of on a surface.

    Many of these safes have built-in shelves or holes where you can store extra guns or ammunition. Some even have internal locks so you can lock your handgun in while you’re away from the safe.

    Some buyers report difficulties with the internal mechanism of these safes, such as trouble with the lights and the electronic keypad. If there is some kind of mechanical failure, it may be difficult to get someone to come and fix it.

    Because they are not very heavy, it may be easy for someone to take it off the wall and outside the house if it is not securely nailed in place. These issues may make it less secure than other options.

    Ammo storage

    cannon 45-minute fire rated 40 gun safe ts5934-45-h1fec-17

    While most gun safes offer some form of storage for your ammunition, not all offer it in the same way. Some require you to purchase a separate box or can to hold your ammunition, while others have internal compartments for this.

    Some safes even have built-in canisters and compartments for your different types of ammunition. This makes organization easier, as you can just drop your ammo into the designated spaces.

    Canisters are usually made of plastic or metal, with some being waterproof. Canisters are great for storing larger quantities of ammo, making this feature useful for those that stockpile it.

    An important feature to look out for is the ability to lock up the safe with the ammunition inside of it. If someone tried to break into your safe, they would have to spend extra time trying to get into the ammunition section.

    Fire safety plan

    cannon 45-minute fire rated 40 gun safe ts5934-45-h1fec-17

    Now that you have a safe, you need to put things in it. Start with what you currently have and figure out what else you need to add.

    You need to organize your belongings in a way that makes sense to you. Some people like to organize by category or color, while others like to group things by size or use.

    The best way to do it is the way that works best for you. There is no wrong way to do it, as long as you can find what you’re looking for when you need it!

    If you are an over-organizer, then now is the time to use that trait for your advantage. An additional tip: organize your belongings in sizes so if the safe needs to be moved at some point, nothing has to be re-done.

    Keep your gun safe!

    cannon 45-minute fire rated 40 gun safe ts5934-45-h1fec-17

    Having a gun safe is the best way to prevent any accidents or theft. A lot of times, people keep their guns in boxes or drawer-like cases, but these are not safe.

    They do not have the proper safety features like automatic lock system and enough weight to prevent being moved or opened.

    Many low-quality gun safes can be cracked or broken into using tools like hammers and screwdrivers. Civilians should not have access to these tools, so thieves can break into your safe easily.

    The best gun safes have internal frame work that is heavy-duty reinforced steel. These frames help protect the contents of the safe from being penetrated or damaged by external forces such as fire or water.

    Having a good quality gun safe will ensure that your guns are protected.

    Don’t forget the keys!

    cannon 45-minute fire rated 40 gun safe ts5934-45-h1fec-17

    A common mistake that people make when purchasing a safe is not testing the keys. When you buy a safe, you need to check that you are given all the keys to open and close the safe.

    Many people also do not test the internal mechanisms of the safe. You need to test that all the parts work so that when you need to quickly access your items, they do!

    You should also check that when you turn the dial to open the safe, it does not stop at a position where it is locked. This could be a sign of broken internal parts.

    These checks can be done by an experienced professional, so if you are unsure, ask! Having someone check your safe before use can help prevent having no access to your items in an emergency.

    Pre-racking your gun is also a good idea, as it helps protect the firing mechanism when the gun is stored in the vertical position.

    Personal protection essentials

    cannon 45-minute fire rated 40 gun safe ts5934-45-h1fec-17

    In this section, we will talk about the other things you should have in your personal protection kit. Besides the basics like bandages and ointment, you will want to have extra batteries for your flashlight and extra ammo for your gun.

    Bulletproof vest kits are also available for purchase if you are interested in having that ready in your bag as well.

    Some other things you may want to include are a glass breaker, a taser or pepper spray, a cell phone charger, and a mask to protect against smoke or chemical agents.

    If space is not an issue, definitely include some medical supplies like trauma shears and bandages.

    Know your fire escape route

    cannon 45-minute fire rated 40 gun safe ts5934-45-h1fec-17

    In case of a fire, you should know the safest way to get out of the building as well as where the nearest fire exits are. You should also know how to get to an outside escape route if necessary.

    It is also important to know which doors automatically open in an emergency and which ones don’t. In some buildings, all of the doors automatically open in an emergency, but in other buildings, only the exterior doors do.

    Knowing this information is crucial when trying to get out of the building quickly and safely.

    Heather White, a safety coordinator at the University of Texas at Austin, says most people take too long to get out of a building in an emergency.

    “Most people will stand around and wait for someone else to go first or for instructions from someone in authority before they start moving,” she told Bustle.


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