E. A. R. L.: The Autobiography Of Dmx Book Buy


    DMX is an iconic rapper known for his aggressive and direct lyrics, as well as his unique style. His style is defined by his shaved head, tattoos covering his body, and his ever-present dog.

    DMX has had a remarkable career in the music industry, with five successful albums under his belt. Unfortunately, he has run into some trouble due to his fame. He has been arrested numerous times for various things, including property damage and animal cruelty.

    His most recent arrest was in January of 2018 for failing to appear in court due to a speeding violation. He was taken into custody and had to pay $2,500 bail. It is unclear if this will affect any upcoming events or concerts he may have.

    In this article, we will be discussing the autobiography of DMX that details important events in his life and how they affected him.

    Childhood friendships

    e. a. r. l.: the autobiography of dmx book buy

    One of the most important things in life is making and keeping friends. As we get older, our circles of friends grow and shrink, but the best ones are always there.

    You can’t go back in time, but you can make new friendships in the present. It’s easy to make casual acquaintances, but it takes effort to be a friend.

    Friendship takes work on both sides—you have to invest time and energy into the relationship. The person who does the most work is your friend!

    The book I Would Sniff You Out tells the story of DMX’s life, from his childhood friends to his prison buddies. He talks about how important his childhood friends were to him, even after he became famous. He gives credit to them for helping him become who he is today.

    Childhood antics

    e. a. r. l.: the autobiography of dmx book buy

    DMX grew up in Baltimore, Maryland, where he got into a lot of trouble as a youth. He was always getting into fights and stealing cars when he was around thirteen years old.

    He was eventually arrested and sent to a juvenile detention center, which is where his rap career began. He credits one of his teachers for helping him develop his signature rap style.

    His teacher made him write essays, which is what inspired him to write his autobiography. He wanted to share all of the details of his childhood so that people would understand where he came from and how hard it was for him.

    He also talks about some very personal issues in the book, including the death of his mother when he was young and his drug addiction problems. By revealing all of this personal information, DMX hopes that people will respect the book even more because it is so real.

    Drug dealing

    e. a. r. l.: the autobiography of dmx book buy

    After his rap career fizzled out, X decided to return to his roots and re-enter the drug trade. In 2005, he was arrested for weapon possession and sentenced to prison.

    While he was in jail, he learned how to read and write, which is when he wrote his first book. After his release in 2007, he returned to the music industry and wrote several more books.

    He has since quit drugs and no longer deals drugs, instead spending his time raising money for dog shelters and promoting animal rights. He has also written several more books since then, including a collection of poems titled “Nu Nu Yell On” and a novel titled “Rampage.”

    X revealed that writing has helped him heal from past issues including childhood abuse as well as the deaths of several close friends and relatives.

    Rap career

    e. a. r. l.: the autobiography of dmx book buy

    DMX’s autobiography, E.A.R.L., is the story of his life: his childhood, his early rap career, his struggles with the law, and his comeback.

    X wrote this book with Nathan Jones, who has also written books with Jay Z and Nas. It took them three years to write this book, which is a long time even for professional writers!

    This book covers all aspects of DMX’s life, including some very personal details. For example, he talks about how he was sexually abused as a child and how that affected him later in life. He also talks about some very violent incidents that happened to him. He doesn’t sugarcoat anything and is very honest in this autobiography.

    Prison time

    e. a. r. l.: the autobiography of dmx book buy

    Prison time is a big part of the autobiography of DMX. He has famously said that he has spent half of his life in prison, which is pretty scary!

    He was first arrested when he was eighteen for drug possession and for breaking and entering. After that, it seemed like every other year he was being charged with a new crime.

    In 2001, he was arrested for money laundering and in 2004, he was arrested for weapons possession. Both charges were dropped, however. In 2008, again in 2010, and then again in 2011 he faced charges of animal cruelty. All were dropped except the 2011 one, which ended in a no conviction.

    All of these arrests took up a lot of his time and forced him to be away from the music studio and stage. It also put a lot of stress on his family and him, making it difficult to stay out of trouble.

    Dog fighting

    e. a. r. l.: the autobiography of dmx book buy

    Dog fighting has been around for hundreds of years, and though it has been outlawed in many states, it is still practiced in underground rings.

    Many people train their dogs to be aggressive towards other animals, especially dogs. This is not okay and should not be practiced.

    Not only is it bad for the animals, but it can be very harmful to the human participants. Dogs can bite and hurt people, and this is never good.

    Dog fighters usually make money off of betting on their dogs in fights against other dogs. They also sell puppies to people who want a aggressive dog that they can train for fighting.

    To end dog fighting, we need to educate people on the dangers of breeding and training animals for this purpose. People need to know that they are helping put an end to this by not supporting animal fighters.

    Marrying multiple women

    e. a. r. l.: the autobiography of dmx book buy

    Marrying multiple women has its advantages, like money and power. However, it can also hurt you in the long run.

    By marrying multiple women, you create enemies. If one of them finds out about the other, there’s a good chance they will plot against you.

    By marrying very public celebrities, you also create more attention. More attention means more people wanting to take away your power and fame, which can put you in danger.

    Although it is hard to believe that someone as famous as DMX would marry someone who didn’t know he was already married, but apparently this happened to him at least once.


    e. a. r. l.: the autobiography of dmx book buy

    X was not married at the time of his children’s births, and he did not know the identity of all of his children until later.

    He says that he did not use protection when having sex and that is how most of his children were conceived. He says this was due to him being drunk or high most of the time.

    He mentions one child in particular that he had a hard time identifying as his until later because he knew her mother and she did not look like him. He says it took a DNA test to confirm she was his child.

    X mentions how some women would get pregnant on purpose just to get money from him. Because of this, he would only pay child support if he knew for a fact that it was his child. Otherwise, he would not pay anything.


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