In Multi-channel Funnel Reports, What Channel Would Not Be Credited With A Conversion?


    Funnels are an extremely helpful tool in marketing. They allow you to track user interaction and conclude with a conversion, or a final action.

    Typically, a funnel would start with a user entering your site or app, then going through some intermediate steps or interactions, and then concluding in a conversion such as a purchase or sign-up.

    Multi-channel funnels take it one step further by tracking interactions outside of your site or app as well. This includes things like Google search, social media, other websites and apps, etc.

    By tracking these extra interactions, you can see where users are dropping off and what could be done to boost conversions at the end of the funnel.

    This article is going to talk about how to use multi-channel funnel reports in Google Analytics.


    in multi-channel funnel reports, what channel would not be credited with a conversion?

    While mobile has become a major channel for users to interact with your app or site, it has not fully replaced the traditional entry points to your product.

    Many platforms have both a mobile app and a website where users can login and access the most up-to-date information. Even though they may consult one more than the other, most users have access to both.

    As more and more apps become compatible with web access, this separation will only grow. This is why it is important to track mobile conversions in your MCF reports.

    Seeing that there is no direct way to log into your app or site via your mobile device, how do you determine if someone converted via their mobile device? You track whether or not they made a purchase or sent an email via the app, so whether or not they completed the desired action on the device.


    in multi-channel funnel reports, what channel would not be credited with a conversion?

    Although emails may not directly result in a sale, they can lead to other channels that do result in a sale.

    If a customer signs up for your email list through their email or on your website via a form, then sends them a marketing email, they are already somewhat invested in your brand.

    They are checking their inbox for updates about your business, so you have some attention on them already.

    When customers are nearing the end of the sales funnel, emails can lead to social media follows or shares, which can lead to sales. Or if customers do not buy immediately after receiving an email, they may later return to make a purchase.

    We see this happen often with our own customers – people who signed up for our weekly newsletter eventually come back and buy our marketing tools. The constant exposure to Flamingo Marketing content and products leads to eventual conversions.


    A significant portion of your traffic will come from social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Many businesses also use niche-specific platforms like Foursquare or Meetup to drive traffic to their business.

    People are more likely to act on an ad or visit a business’s website if they see it in their social media feed.

    That is because they have some level of trust in the platform – they know that ad was paid for and is not a scam.

    Seeing an ad on social can lead to several types of conversions, including phone calls, physical store visits, and e-commerce purchases. Depending on the ad type, one of these may be counted as a conversion even if the other does not occur.


    in multi-channel funnel reports, what channel would not be credited with a conversion?

    In recent years, the role of display advertising has been questioned. Many say it is ineffective and that you are better off investing in other channels. While display ads can be ineffective, it is not because they are a channel.

    Display ads can be ineffective because they can be targeted to audiences that are not interested in your offering. If someone does not want your product or service, then no amount of advertising will convince them otherwise.

    The trick to using display advertising effectively is to pair it with targeted niche blogs and sites that fit your audience. Have your marketing team provide you with a list of relevant sites and get your paid advertising on their platforms!

    Using display advertising alongside other channels can also prove effective. Display ads can serve as a reminder to visit your site or contact your business, which can lead to conversions on other channels.


    in multi-channel funnel reports, what channel would not be credited with a conversion?

    A significant number of conversions are recorded in the last stage of the conversion funnel, when a customer makes a purchase. However, these conversions are the result of an effective marketing strategy that includes many channels.

    Marketers use the term “marketing mix” to describe the four fundamental components of a marketing strategy: substance, price, place, and promotion.

    In order to achieve higher sales, marketers must incorporate all four of these elements into their marketing strategies. All of these elements must work together in order to effectively reach and convert customers.

    Substance refers to the quality of a product or service being marketed. Price refers to how much it costs to acquire or purchase it. Place refers to where customers can find your product or service. Promotion refers to how you tell your story and market your brand or products and services.

    Word of mouth

    in multi-channel funnel reports, what channel would not be credited with a conversion?

    Word of mouth marketing is one of the most effective channels out there. People value recommendations from friends, family, and acquaintances more than advertisements.

    References to great products or services are what build reputation and keep people coming back for more. You will gain repeat customers and fans if you deliver quality offerings that people want to talk about.

    The problems start when people do not appreciate the power of word of mouth and do not invest in it. It is a free channel, after all! How can you invest in it?

    Marketing experts can help you devise strategies to encourage word of mouth marketing. They can also help you track its effects so that you can adjust your marketing accordingly. An example would be having parties at your business facility on certain days to get more people in to share their experiences.

    Or, you could offer a free trial or deal for first time visitors to get the word out about your business.

    Conventional advertising

    in multi-channel funnel reports, what channel would not be credited with a conversion?

    The multi-channel funnel reporting structure was developed to give credit where credit is due. Thanks to this structure, it is possible to determine the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.

    Advertising campaigns can be tracked through the creation of ads on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, as well as on Google and Bing. These platforms link to your website via links or embedded advertisements.

    People who click on these ads are directed to your website, where they have the potential to become customers or donors. This makes them converts, and the goal is to get as many of these as possible!

    The problem with this method is that it is difficult to determine whether a conversion occurred due to the advertisement or the website. This is why it is important to track both in multi-channel funnel reports.

    Retail store

    in multi-channel funnel reports, what channel would not be credited with a conversion?

    In a typical retail store transaction, the last thing that is handed over to the customer is the sale item and their receipt. The receipt is then used at a separate register to receive cash or credit.

    Once the transaction is complete, the sales associate must enter all of the data into the computer system. This includes taking down all of the information for the sale item, recording how much was paid, and inputting the receipt.

    With all of this work being put into entering all of this information into the computer, it can be easy to forget something. Entering in the receipt can be easily forgotten because it seems like it does not matter since you already have payment.

    There are many ways to help prevent this mistake from happening again. One way is to have an app that automatically pulls up your sales receipt on your phone so you do not have to search for it in your bag or remember to grab it.


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