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    Volleyball is an inexpensive way to pass a quality time with your friends. Since both sports are versatile, you can always add a new element to your game!

    Olympics is a four-to-one conversion rate, making it an easy way to increase your gameplay and social presence. It is also a fun sport to watch, as the athletes are extremely skilled at what they do.

    Volleyball is an underappreciated sport that requires little or no skill. However, if you were able to hold a stick before volleyball was a thing, then you should introduce yourself!

    Brazil has been the national team for four consecutive Olympics, and they have been winning for the past few years. Japan has been around since the early days of volleyball, but Brazil has been taking them on since this year’s Olympics.

    To give more attention to another national team, Italy created Brazil Italy Volleyball (BIIV).

    Japan knocked out of tournament

    olympics-volleyball-brazil overpower hosts japan to face roc in ...

    Brazil will host the Games for the second time in Rio de Janeiro after American gymnast Michael Phelps was unable to defend his Olympic title this year.

    After a grueling final with his double pike, Phelps was unable to defend his title and handed it off to teammate Ryan Lochherhue. Lochherhue struggled at first, earning only seven of 15 possible points before being replaced by teammates Gabriel Jesus and Neymar.

    Lochanuhue continued his Struggling at the beginning of the tournament Struggling at the beginning of the tournament tenure as Team USA’s leader in points, but Brazil pulled ahead late in the tournament when Neymar and Jesus combined for five goals in a row.

    Team USA finished with 17 points, while Brazil had 20. Despite this deficit, Team USA still won 13–11 because of point differential.

    Brazil takes gold medal home

    After a nail-biting finish, Brazil won the gold medal by defeating Japan in the final with a convincing 9-3 victory.

    The match was full of penalties and close calls, but Brazil was clearly the best team. They were relentless in their pursuit of the ball and never gave up on offense.

    Brazil is one of three countries to win gold at both Summer and Winter Olympics. The other two are United States and Australia. It is very special that they return home with a huge honor but also experience to use as education for future events.

    This team will go on to better things, including winning an Olympic medal again! Now that they have experience, next time they will try hard to make it to the finals.

    Fine performance by host nation

    olympics-volleyball-brazil overpower hosts japan to face roc in ...

    In the lead-up to the Olympics, teams around the world monitor their opponents to see what they like and how they perform.

    When looking at this, Brazil was impressive. They were host nation and had been training hard for years, so it was no surprise that they could dominate Japan.

    Although Japan had been performing well in recent tournaments, this was their first appearance at the Olympics and Tran Thien Thanh was determined to make a huge impact. He did!

    Thien Thanh helped Brazil to win gold with a strong performance of her own, helping them defeat Japan in the final by a score of three to one. This was an impressive performance that left an impression on fans around the world.

    Japan disappointed with silver medal

    olympics-volleyball-brazil overpower hosts japan to face roc in ...

    After a disappointing loss to Brazil in the previous round, Japan came out strong against …

    Olympic volleyball champions Japan faced hard competition from host country Brazil in the gold medal match of the Rio 2016 Olympics. Both teams were very solid in their game, but Japan was able to win with a strong performance by its MVP, Nao Kodaira.

    Kodaira played at least one outstanding game per day leading up to her final match and was named tournament MVP on multiple occasions. She also received help from her teammates and coaches, who helped her prepare for each game and be at her best when the time came.

    Being awarded MVP twice in three days was no simple task for Kodaira, who proved to be an inspiration to her teammates and fans alike with her fighting spirit.

    Final score reflects match

    olympics-volleyball-brazil overpower hosts japan to face roc in ...

    After being down 0-2, Brazil came back to win the remainder of the match and take gold on tiebreak.

    This was Japan’s first appearance at the Olympics, and first time playing against a more experienced volleyball team. Brazil is one of the most decorated teams in Olympic history, with many past champions and Olympic gold medalists.

    Japan won the bronze medal last year, so this was a return tournament for them as well. This was their second tournament in two weeks, so they were ready to go!

    The ball stayed in motion better for Japan, which led to more opportunities to search for servers. Brazil had good shots that went by Japan’s defense, so they had to be better at keeping those away.

    Japan out performed Brazil in every area except serve-ability, which is why this final score was given.

    Very close match throughout

    olympics-volleyball-brazil overpower hosts japan to face roc in ...

    Despite being the smaller country, Brazil dominated the first set, completing a convincing 7-1 lead.

    However, there was not a set point that Volleyball: Olympic Games overpowers host country Japan to achieve anything. Both teams were extremely close throughout the match and it showed!

    It was close until late in the second set when Brazil finally lost its confidence and Japan took advantage of the gap to win the match 14-12.

    Great serves by both teams

    olympics-volleyball-brazil overpower hosts japan to face roc in ...

    While Brazil has dominated the women’s volleyball scene over the past few years, Japan has been making a strong comeback.

    Both countries are known for their great serves and anticipation on when to put them in. This will be a hard fought match, as both teams are very good at playing against each other.

    Japan is team that likes to get quick starts and pressure on the Brazilians, who tend to hold their rage for a while before responding. This will be hard for Mexico, who tends to take their time in games.

    If Mexico can get out to a quick start, they may able to pressure Brazil into making mistakes and getting back into the game. However, if Japan can control the pace of the game, they may be more successful in keeping Brazil in check.

    Exciting game to watch for spectators

    olympics-volleyball-brazil overpower hosts japan to face roc in ...

    Volleyball is a very popular sport to watch at the Olympics.

    It has a long history of popularity in Japan, and has been around for a long time. So, it is no surprise that people are excited to watch it.

    Many are looking forward to the match between Brazil and Russia, which is scheduled for Wednesday night. The winner will be crowned Olympic champion and may go on to compete at the Summer Games in Rio de Janeiro later in the year.


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