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the functions f and g are differentiable for all real numbers and g is strictly increasing featured photo

The Functions F And G Are Differentiable For All Real Numbers And G Is Strictly Increasing

In this article, we will talk about a special type of function: the gradient (or Hessian) function. Gradient functions are different from other functions in that they are strictly increasing. This means that as the input value gets larger, the output value tends to grow more quickly! The term “gradient” comes from the word “gradient”, which describes a path or route for something. A “route”… 

the hanging mass is referred to as m and it sets the centripetal force featured photo

The Hanging Mass Is Referred To As M And It Sets The Centripetal Force.

The hanging mass is a term used to describe a band of muscle that lies on your leg just above the ankle. This band of muscle is referred to as the hamstrings and is located near the bottom of your leg. The hanging mass was first described in the early 19th century as a thick, hanging sac that covered part of your leg. It was…