The Small Sage Will Try Her Best In The Different World From Lv. 1!


    A well-known novel that has swept the nation is The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor. This is a novel about a young man who moves to a new world and climbs the ranks through incredible skills and talent.

    The protagonist, Morris, starts off as a newbie in the game but quickly learns the basics and becomes quite the formidable player. He learns how to gather resources, build his character’s strength, and take down powerful enemies.

    As he progresses through the game, he learns even more sophisticated strategies that put him ahead of other players. His intelligence in game gives him an edge that puts him above others in real life as well—a very clever guy!

    This novel is very popular amongst middle school students so it would be great if you could create an account to play this game but, unfortunately, you have to be at least eighteen years old to do so.

    Name her

    the small sage will try her best in the different world from lv. 1!

    After choosing a name for your pet, you should also choose a name for yourself. This is important, as it is how people will know you in this game.

    If you chose to bring your old pet with you, then everyone will know you as the person who travels with such and such pet. If you chose a new pet, then people will know you as the person who travels with a [species] named [name].

    Choose her race

    the small sage will try her best in the different world from lv. 1!

    As mentioned before, the small sage starts off as a human. However, she can choose to be one of five races: elf, dwarf, gnome, halfling, and urd.

    Elves are known for their beautiful features and long lives. Dwarves are very strong and crafty folk. Gnomes are known for their intelligence and trickery. Halflings are very friendly and cheerful people. Urds are fierce warriors that come from the north.

    These races all have different features that contribute to your small sage’s stats when they level up. For example, elves have a higher intelligence stat than other races which gives them an edge in magic skills. Dwarves have a higher strength stat which helps with melee weapons like axes and hammers.

    Choose her class

    the small sage will try her best in the different world from lv. 1!

    After finishing the tutorial and leaving the starting town, Kelsia will meet many people and go on many adventures. Meeting people along the way, helping others in need, and taking on challenges will strengthen Kelsia as a character.

    Kelsia can choose from many different classes to specialize in as she levels up. These include warrior types like knight or paladin, ranged attack types like archer or hunter, and magic users like priest or wizard.

    As she travels the world, Kelsia will come across places that are lacking in certain resources. By choosing a new class, she can help fill those needs and make new friends along the way.

    None of her new friends seem to hold any ill will towards her despite being very low level compared to them.

    Give her an appearance

    the small sage will try her best in the different world from lv. 1!

    Once you have your character made, the next thing to do is give her an appearance. Choosing what she looks like is part of the fun!

    There are a few ways to do this. One way is to choose your favorite face model and adjust the features to your liking. Another way is to use inspiration photos as a guide.

    Sage uses both of these methods to create her look. She likes the face model of Aquaria and adjusted the features to her liking. She also used makeup tutorials on YouTube as a guide for her makeup.

    Once you have your character’s appearance set, have fun with it! Dress them up in cute clothes, put on lots of makeup, or don’t- it is all up to you!

    Just make sure that it matches what your character would wear– for example, not having very many clothes on in winter because they are from a warm climate.

    Give her a personality

    the small sage will try her best in the different world from lv. 1!

    At this point, you can give your bot a personality. There are many ways to do this, so let’s talk about some basics.

    Give your bot a name that has some sense of personality or identity to it. Does she like things or people? Is she sassy or shy? Does she have other interests aside from gaming?

    Through the chatbot platform, you can create features that automatically respond to things. For example, you can set your bot to greet people with a “hello” or give it responses to basic questions.

    These make it seem more real and keep it from being too robotic or static.

    Make friends with the rest of the party

    the small sage will try her best in the different world from lv. 1!

    While you can solo party queue, it is not recommended. Party queuing means you are putting yourself in a party where other people in the server are joining you to complete the dungeon.

    Other people in the server are looking for people to join their party, and you can choose to join any of them if you like their build or personality.

    You can also choose to make your own party and look for others to join yours, which is how most do it. It can be hard to find good members for your party, though.

    Party queuing helps with building trust between members and making friends, which is a big part of being able to work well together. Even if you are not very friendly, it is good to make at least some acquaintances.

    Learn skills and spells

    the small sage will try her best in the different world from lv. 1!

    After you have reached a certain level, you can learn new skills and spells. You can learn them from NPCs or as loot from monsters.

    Some skills require a certain level or required stats to learn, so don’t worry if you don’t have enough experience or stats! You can still learn new skills and spells.

    There are three types of skills: attack skills, passive skills, and consumable spells. Attack skills are just that—they allow you to attack more efficiently. Passive skills are… well, passive—they enhance your abilities without using any mana or other resources. Consumable spells are… well, spells that consume resources to allow you to attack or defend more effectively.

    Use items in battle properly

    the small sage will try her best in the different world from lv. 1!

    In the Lorel League, there are many battles where you fight with your party members against a few enemy groups.

    During these battles, you can use items called potions to restore health or mana (which is used to use skills). You can also use other items like berries or mushrooms to inflict status effects on enemies.

    Sometimes, enemies may have a large blue health bar that says “resist” on it – this means your potions and other items will not work on them. Try your best to figure out which kind of enemy this is and what item will work on them!

    Another thing you can do is save your better potions and items for tougher fights or for when your party members need healing/mana restoration.


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