The Story Of An Onee-san Who Wants To Keep A High School Boy


    The word “onna” in Japanese refers to a mature, intelligent woman. Onna can also refer to a girl or woman. The opposite of an onna is a otoko, which refers to a man or boy.

    The term “onee-san” means big sister. Onee-san can refer to any female older than you that looks out for you and cares about you. This can be a female sibling, your mom, or even someone that is just older than you.

    When these two words are put together, they make one of the most common names for an older female sibling in anime: onee-san. These characters are very prevalent and recognizable—they are the ones that care about you and try to keep you in line!

    This article will tell the story of oneesans that want to keep their high school boys, how they came about, and how they deal with the pressures of being an onee-san.

    Girl has son

    the story of an onee-san who wants to keep a high school boy

    This is a very common trope in manga and anime. Many stories start with a girl having a child, either by birth or adoption.

    Some stories even start with the girl having children before the story begins! This can be done as a way to explain why the main character has responsibility, why she needs to grow up, or just because it’s a common occurrence.

    Many of these girls are in their early to mid-twenties when they have children, so this is not out of the norm for this type of character development. Having children can also be used as a way to develop strength within the character. A mother must take care of her child, so she must learn how to protect, nurture, and provide for them. This can strengthen the character internally, which then shows through their actions.

    However, there are some cases where this trope is used inappropriately or insensitively. In these cases, the character is under twenty-five and gives birth to a child unexpectedly.

    Boy is smart but sad

    the story of an onee-san who wants to keep a high school boy

    A common scenario in these stories is that the high school boy is sad about something in his past.

    He may have had a tragic experience, lost someone close to him, or suffered some kind of loss. Sometimes, he is even bullied for this reason.

    Sometimes, the girl falls in love with him because of this past issue. She likes him because he is mature and understands life because of it.

    She wants to help him feel happy and secure so he will stay close to her. She loves him and wants the best for him!

    Most of the time, the boy does not realize how much the girl cares for him until the very end. It is then that he realizes how important she was to him and how much he loves her back.

    Girl is nice but lonely

    the story of an onee-san who wants to keep a high school boy

    The main character of this story is a nice girl who is looking for someone to care about her. She is kind and caring, but also struggles with being social.

    She has a hard time making friends and staying friends, mostly because she is very passive and doesn’t ask people to do things with her.

    As the story begins, she has just lost her last friend, so she is pretty lonely. She spends most of her time at work or at home, and even then she doesn’t have that many things to do. She likes to cook and take care of people, so she does those things a lot.

    The main character really only has one passion: high school boys. She loves them and wants to take care of them, but in reality, she just watches them from afar. It would be nice if one of them could return the affection, but that never happens.

    They become friends

    the story of an onee-san who wants to keep a high school boy

    Once you have entered the stage of friends, you can relax a little. You are in the safe zone, so to speak.

    Now that you are friends, your friend may ask you to go out with him or her alone. That is when you have to be careful!

    Your friend may ask you to come along to a karaoke bar or go out for drinks or dinner. Again, all of these situations can be dangerous if your friend is not mature in their thinking.

    They may want to prove something or assert their authority over you by making you do things that make you uncomfortable. Or they may just want to spend time with someone who is younger than them, which is also disconcerting.

    Either way, it is best to just be direct and say what is on your mind. Tell them that it makes you feel uncomfortable and why, and/or ask them if they would like to go somewhere else with someone their age.

    Boy wants girl as an onee-san

    A high school boy wants an onee-san, or older sister-like figure, to stick around. This can be for a few different reasons.

    Some high school boys want an onee-san around because they want some kind of relationship with a woman. Having a close friend that is a girl is a good start to learning how to interact with women.

    By having a female friend that he can talk to and spend time with, he will become more comfortable and aware of how to interact with women.

    Another reason some high school boys want an onee-san around is because they are not quite ready to date just yet. Having an onee-san friend to hang out with and talk about guy stuff can help relieve some of that tension.

    An onee-san can also help them with anything they may need regarding woman matters.

    They share a kiss

    the story of an onee-san who wants to keep a high school boy

    Once you have established a close, intimate relationship with your target, the next step is to share a kiss.

    Kisses are a way to show your love for someone. By kissing your boy friend, he will know how much you love him and that you are committed to him.

    Breaking boyfriend rules, like kissing another person, can be very hurtful. Therefore, kissing him should be done with caution and only after you have built up a strong enough trust between the two of you.

    Make sure that when you kiss him, he kisses back! If he does not respond properly to the kiss, then there is probably something wrong and it is time to talk about it.

    After the kiss, check in with each other to make sure it was good for both of you.

    Girl buys boy clothes

    the story of an onee-san who wants to keep a high school boy

    Another sign that an onee-san wants to keep her little brother in high school is if she buys him clothes.

    An onee-san may go shopping with her little brother and help him pick out new clothes. She can then buy him more clothes if she wants, or he can get them himself when he goes shopping.

    This is a pretty obvious sign, and most people would know that she bought the clothes for him because he would probably say so. He would probably thank her, too!

    It is nice to see an onee-san take time out of her busy schedule to go shopping with her little brother and help him find new clothes. It is a good way to spend time together and talk about things.

    He will probably keep wearing the clothes she buys for him even after he graduates because they are obviously very comfortable for him.

    They go on dates

    the story of an onee-san who wants to keep a high school boy

    Going on dates is one of the most obvious signs that someone is into you. An onee-san can take her high school boy on casual dates or planned-out dates.

    Casual dates could be going to the movies, coffee or food, or a place he wants to go to. Planned-out dates could be something like a picnic in the park, at the beach, or at a fair.

    By planning out the date, she can make it fun and romantic for both of them. She can also bring along some friends so it isn’t too awkward.

    One thing to keep in mind is that romantic gestures are important on dates. She can bring him something sweet, like chocolate, or something he wanted for his birthday or Christmas. Or she could give him something funny that he has wanted for a while but has not gotten yet.


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