Ticket Star, 4537, 1901 S Oneida St, Green Bay, Wi 54304


    Ticket Star is a great option for those looking for a home theater system or just a great room to room sound system. It is also an affordable way to create a private night experience.

    Home theater systems are designed to bring you into yourself and your viewing experience. With thousands of designs and products available, it can be hard to choose the right one for you.

    Ticket Star has several different models that are sized for any size room. Their large model, the 4537, is rated at 40 watts per channel and 200 watts per source. This means that it can provide heavy volume without being overpowering.

    The smaller models, the 2537 and 1537, have 20 and 15 watts, respectively.


    Ticket Star, 4537, is open from 5:30am to 3:30pm. This is a daytime hangout, as it’s closed at noon!

    Unlike many nightlife venues, Ticket Star does not close down at midnight and open at 6am. All of its employees are tasked with keeping the doors open until 7pm!

    This is because some employees get hired out of college after studying hospitality and entertainment industry design, and they maintain an early hour so they can finish their work in time for the opening.

    It’s worth it to go out after work or on a Sunday since there’s usually a good crowd that stays until the end of the week.


    ticket star, 4537, 1901 s oneida st, green bay, wi 54304

    Ticket Star, 4537, 1901 S Oneida St, Green Bay, WI 54304 is the place to go if you need tickets to a sporting event. You can find all types of tickets at Ticket Star.

    You can also check online or even in the comfort of your own home. Many sites have accurate and reliable information on when and where tickets will be sold.

    His information includes his website, twitter, facebook, and even the event website so you do not have to go looking if you are looking to buy. You can also call him if the internet or phone is not working for you.


    ticket star, 4537, 1901 s oneida st, green bay, wi 54304

    When it comes to prices, Ticket Star, 4537 has them! You can pay as little as $5 for a ticket or as much as $200 for a VIP package.

    Both packages include access to all events and exclusive experiences with Company Xx. VIPs also receive complimentary tickets to General Admission events which is a nice bonus!

    These packages are a great way to save money as they include many events and the chance to be in the front row, if you can afford it. Some have even said it’s been worth going out of their way to be there!

    You can get your tickets through Groupon and Amazon though so you are not out any cash! Company Xx also offers advance purchase tours so you can get your exclusive experience.

    What to bring

    ticket star, 4537, 1901 s oneida st, green bay, wi 54304

    Typically, you will want to bring your ticket or tickets at least a week before you want to attend the event. This allows time for them to be verified and sent to you.

    You can also go the extra step and send them via email or postal mail at that time as well.

    If your event is on the same day as our Black Box, do not worry! Our technology does not require a verification email or phone call confirmation.

    What not to bring

    ticket star, 4537, 1901 s oneida st, green bay, wi 54304

    If you are bringing a large group, please be aware that the venue does not allow multiple members of a group or party in simultaneously. Therefore, if you have five people in line up to get in, only one person can go at a time!

    If you are looking for a small-group event or an intimate setting, there is no need to pre-plan as the venue can accommodate up to sixty people comfortably.

    For community events and gatherings where people don’t necessarily know each other, Ticket Star offers great flexibility. You can bring your own table or stage should someone need to sit or dance on their own.

    You can even bring your own musicians and perform right on the dance floor! It is also highly acceptable to bring family members and friends since the event is mostly about getting together and talking.

    How to get their easily

    ticket star, 4537, 1901 s oneida st, green bay, wi 54304

    Ticket Star, 4537, 1901 S Oneida St, Green Bay, Wi 54304 is easy to get if you are in the area. All you have to do is call!

    They have a great reputation and a huge fan base. They play some good football and basketball!

    Their games are usually doubleheaders so it can be hard to find a seat. Make sure to get your tickets early!

    After the game they sometimes have tailgates. This is where you go drink and entertain yourselves with the game tables set up with drinks and snacks.

    Making reservations

    ticket star, 4537, 1901 s oneida st, green bay, wi 54304

    Once you have your ticket, you can pick up your ticket at the venue or online via Ticket Star’s website. If you have a smartphone, you can also get a ticket via Ticket Star’s app.

    You can also call 715-764-7636 or email tickets@ticket-star.com to make a quick check on your reservation.

    If you need to cancel your reservation before the event, there is a $5 cancellation fee. If you need to change or cancel your reservation later, there is no fee as we make our customers feel very important!

    concert goers are looking for way to bond after the show is over and taking advantage of theAfter-Show Package is a great way to do this. For just $45 per person, you will get all of the following: food & drink packages, post show activities & giveaways.

    Accepts credit card?

    ticket star, 4537, 1901 s oneida st, green bay, wi 54304

    While there is no physical card required to enter Ticket Star, you will need to enter your card information in order to purchase tickets.

    It is very easy to do so though – just click on the buy button on the ticket site and follow the instructions!

    You can also go directly to the event website and purchase your tickets that way, saving even more money.

    This service is different from sites like Ticketsnow, where you still have to provide a valid credit card number and/or a valid pin in order to buy tickets.

    With Ticket Star, you can actually skip this step – you can just go straight to the event website and purchase your tickets! This convenience is what makes this service different from other ticket buying services.


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