What Is The Metasploit Module Name That Can Be Used To Exploit The Cve-2017-6510 Vulnerability?


    A Metasploit module is a piece of code that has been written to aid penetration testers and security professionals in exploiting vulnerabilities. These modules have been created by the open-source community and the Metasploit team itself.

    Many of these modules have been created for the purpose of identifying vulnerabilities and providing a standard way to exploit them. Many of these modules are open-sourced, and security professionals can contribute to them.

    Some of the most common uses for Metasploit modules are for scanning, exploitation, reconnaissance, and situational awareness. These four areas all play a part in identifying vulnerabilities, exploiting them, and determining the best way to protect against them.

    The name of the module needed to exploit the CVE-2017-6510 vulnerability is OrificeAccessFramework.


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