Which Was A Real “star Wars” Based Breakfast Cereal Sold In The 1980s?


    Was a real “Star Wars” based breakfast cereal sold in the 1980s called which was a real “Star Wars” based cereal sold in the 1980s called which was a real “Star Wars” based breakfast cereal called which was a real “Star Wars” based breakfast cereal called which was a real “Star Wars” related term?

    The answer is yes, there was such a cereal and it did contain starbucks coffee and Schmidt’s tomato juice. The product name waswhich meant starbucks Breakfast Cereal with Tomatoes.

    Today, we will introduce you to another 1977 television show that had an impact on future cereals.


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    Trix was one of the most well-known “Star Wars” based breakfast cereal brands of the 1980s and 1990s. The brand was distributed by Kellogg’s, Post cereals, and Rolaids Corporation.

    The Trix resemblance was not just aesthetic—Trix was similar in texture and flavor to Nabisco’s famous play-station-quality Star-tray cereal. However, this “starwars” inspired cereal had a unique marketing campaign that paired it with toy lightsabers and TV shows like Jedi Knight.

    Much like the rest of the “Star Wars” movies, Trix disappeared from store shelves around the time of the movie release. It was replaced by newer “Star Wars” inspired cereals that did not resemble anything from before 1981.

    This article will talk about which “Star Wars” based breakfast cereal was a real parody of a lightsaber and which ones were not.

    Stars Hollow Berry Crunch

    which was a real

    A rare star of breakfast cereal in the 1980s was a cinnamon-raisin-oatmeal based product called Stars Hollow Berry Crunch.

    Known as the “dream core” of your morning, cereal was a popular way to start your day. Unfortunately, this flavor did not stick around for long.

    Cinnamon and oats were a very popular flavor combination at the time, and it was only a matter of years before people grew tired of them. However, if you were looking for this flavor when it first came out, then Stars Hollow Berry Crunch was your star.

    It may have been an obscure brand that didn’t have much popularity at the time, but if you were looking for this flavor it was out! This is the real “star wars” based breakfast cereal we are talking about later in this bullet point.

    Post Classic Stars Hill Blueberry Oat Crunch

    which was a real

    The Post classic series stars blueberry oats was one of the more popular vein-patterned cereal sold in the 1980s and early 1990s.

    This was a time when many homes enjoyed bowl after bowl of this cereal, thanks to its unique blue and orange packaging. It also had a star-shaped logo on it, making it easy to recognize.

    This new addition to the lineup was created by combining two previous cereals: Classic Stars and Blue Crinkle Berry. Both were designed to look like stars, so why not add another star to finish off the look?

    These new stars were called “spaceships,” because people would put them together to get their breakfast out of order.

    Reese’s Puffs

    which was a real

    Was a real star wars based breakfast cereal sold in the 1980s called “Reese’s Darth Vadar”?cereal. It was called “Werebears” in some markets. Both of these names were a play on the star wars term for werebears, wereters.

    Werebears were a popular treat back in the day, and since then, have evolved into different types of cereals such as “Reese’s peanut butter” or “Kix.”

    Werebears used to have littleAsked if there was an old star wars based cereal sold in the 1980s that was called Darth Vadar or Werebear, we spoke to co-founder Lauren Hough about this fascinating product. According to her, neither of those terms existed at the time of production.

    Golden Grahams

    which was a real

    The cereal that was the forerunner to the “Krylo” brand was called “Death Star” by young fans. It was a white, grain-looking cereal that looked like a space station with the star shape on the ground.

    Death Star had two main features that set it apart from other cereals: its large battle station and large stormtrooper. These featured in the packaging and were what people recognized as Death Star cereal.

    The stormtrooper stood at least six feet tall and had black armor covered with silver paint. He had a helmet that looked like it had speakers underneath, making him look like he was talking to you.

    He often carried a weapons rack on his back where he stored his weapons during battles.

    Cocoa Puffs

    which was a real

    Cocoa puffs was a real “star wars” based breakfast cereal sold in the 1980s and early 1990s. Though not related to the famed Cocoa Puffs cookie, this cereal was created by Lucasfilm Ltd. for use in creating new “star wars” related products.

    Cocoa puffs was first released as a limited run product in 1978 under the name “Cockie’s Breakfast Cereal.” The original packaging featured cockies wearing coveralls and eating cockroaches as part of their design.

    After a few years, the design was changed to present cockroaches as allies of the user instead of enemies. Manufacturers kept using this logo and design until 1991, when they replaced it with an old-looking cockroach-eating font.

    This new font was not retained until today, making Cockie’s look much more modern than previous versions.

    Frosted Flakes

    which was a real

    When was star wars breakfast cereal released? The 1980s! That is how old the cereal is!

    featcha was first released in 1980 and introduced a simple yet memorable design that featured a breakfast cereal box with a floppy gray top and a long, narrow bottom with lines running down the length of it.

    The lines represented the menu options available on the cereal, including scrambled eggs, pancakes, and toast. These traits were often emphasized by having them dressed up in different colors or shapes.

    When looking back at which “Star Wars” characters were featured on featcha, you will see some notable ones such as Darth Vader, C-3P0, and Luke Skywalker. These figures were often used on past “Star Wars” cereals so it was nice to see them reach new fans.

    Fruit Loops

    If you are looking for a nostalgic eat experience, then looking into the past can be fun. There are many “star Wars” based breakfast cereals that were sold over the years, making it a little easier to determine which one was the true one.

    Back in the 1980s, when “star wars” was at its peak popularity, there were many cereal brands that featured “star wars” elements. Many of them were related to foods or taste profiles that were associated with “star wars,” such as lemon and vanilla.


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