You Might Choose To Use Preferred Layouts For Dynamic Display Ads If Your Client:


    Display ads are a great way to advertise your brand, products, or services. They can be found on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, in magazines and print publications, and even on billboards.

    Display ads allow for more creativity than other ad formats. You can use different colors, images, and text sizes and layouts to create a visual appeal. The most popular layout uses a quadrant shape:

    top-left quadrant = image or product display; top-right quadrant = text or product name; bottom-left quadrant = additional image or product info; bottom-right quadrant = call to action (link to website or shop).

    You can also choose the size of the ad space you purchase. Depending on the location and platform you purchase ads on, the cost may differ.

    Wants to improve click-through rate

    you might choose to use preferred layouts for dynamic display ads if your client:

    As mentioned earlier, click-through rate is the percentage of users who see an ad and click on it to be directed to the advertiser’s website. This is one of the main metrics advertisers look at when determining the effectiveness of an ad campaign.

    If your client wants to see more people click on their ads, then they should opt for dynamic display ads with preferred layouts. These ads have a better positioning which results in more people seeing them and potentially clicking on them.

    As mentioned before, these ads are more expensive due to their better positioning so your client will be spending more money on advertising but will likely see a rise in clicks. The cost depends on the advertiser so your client will have to find a good price point for them to get successful returns on investment.

    They can also choose to do both static and dynamic display ads but it is up to them and you as an online marketing specialist to convince them otherwise.

    Wants to improve conversion rate

    As mentioned previously, creating ads is a process. You do not want to invest in creating ads for Google Ads unless you are willing to test and learn. It takes time to find the right formula for success.

    Preferred layouts are a way to help clients start with good ad creation without too much effort. By choosing preferred layouts, your client will start with higher-performing ad formats which will lead to higher engagement and clicks.

    The best part about Preferred Layouts is that they can be used simultaneously. Clients can choose to use both their own intuition and the Recommended Settings of the Google Ads platform to create ads that perform well.

    Wants to increase ad revenue

    you might choose to use preferred layouts for dynamic display ads if your client:

    As with static ads, creating a dynamic advertisement requires a design. In this case, the designer must include the user interface for the ad to function.

    As mentioned before, advertisers can choose between linear and carousel ads. For the latter, advertisers can choose between vertical or horizontal layouts. The number of carousel items can also be changed by the advertiser.

    Since vertical and horizontal carousels have different numbers of items, advertisers can also choose whether they want a single-row or multi-row ad. The same goes for linear ads—advertisers can choose the length of the ad.

    Has the budget for it

    you might choose to use preferred layouts for dynamic display ads if your client:

    As mentioned before, dynamic display ads are more expensive than traditional ones. Because of this, clients with a limited budget may not be able to use these types of ads.

    If your client has the budget to invest in these ads, then it would be advantageous to your client to use preferred layouts for dynamic display ads. Clients who use Adometry have the option to choose between standard and preferred layouts for their ads.

    Preferred layouts offer more customized ad spaces that look more like the brand’s website or product page. These tend to perform better because they look more legitimate and trustworthy.


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