Zen Life Relax Release Unconscious Bad Energy: Open Up To Spiritual Experience & Deep Healing


    In today’s fast-moving, stress-filled world, it can be difficult to discover time to focus on your own health and well-being.

    You have to be able to run with the kids, make a meal for the family every week, etc. It can feel like you are constantly taking care of everyone else but yourself.

    This emphasis on self-care is a good thing! We all need to breathe after all, right? But when we’re already in a self-focused state of mind, we can become vulnerable to other things that interest us less such as spiritual experiences and faith.

    We can get caught up in our own thoughts and feelings and not pay attention to what is around us. This can lead us into unnecessary stress and/or injury.

    The power of zen

    zen life relax release unconscious bad energy: open up to spiritual experience & deep healing

    In addition to being a great way to unwind, séance can be an effective way to heal vulnerables such as your back or a joint.

    A séance is a religious ceremony in which a person meets with the assistance of supernatural forces. During a séance, the person is asked to focus their attention on an object or person and then allow those changes in emotion and spirit to flow into that focus.

    By allowing your mind and body to connect during a séance, you are not only opening yourself up to new experiences and spiritual healing, but you are also denying yourself some minor stages of recovery.


    zen life relax release unconscious bad energy: open up to spiritual experience & deep healing

    In recent years, there has been a growing interest in yoga, meditation, and other forms of relaxation.

    Yoga is a great way to re-train your mind and body. It uses various poses to test your flexibility and concentration.

    Yoga was originally used as a form of recreation, but it has evolved into a serious medical field, using postures that activate the nervous system and breathing techniques that synchronize the organs and systems.

    Postures like downward-facing dog or the Alexander position are still used today as health promotions, since they help relax the body and improve blood circulation.

    The Alexander position is: sit on your knees with your feet together and then step up on one foot so you are standing on one foot and then sitting down on the other.

    Release bad energy

    zen life relax release unconscious bad energy: open up to spiritual experience & deep healing

    Release bad energy is a powerful way to heal, remove blockages, and know the way out of any past suffering. Release can be done physically, emotionally, and mentally.

    When you release a emotional/spiritual/moral blockage, you allow more light to enter your system and into your body. You are also removing a major cancer in your system that may be affecting others.

    When there is heavy negativeenergyof an issue, such as a painkiller or drug bill released from the System, there is a very good chance that it will end up in the hands of someone who needs it less than you Does not make it right however. It is the System’s job to help its users get through each issue without using unnecessary drugs or services.


    zen life relax release unconscious bad energy: open up to spiritual experience & deep healing

    When we’re in a state of unconsciousness, there’s a different sense of what reality is. We can feel our physical bodies healing and operating in a natural, spiritual way.

    In this state of consciousness, we experience things differently than we do when we’re awake. We don’t think about dreams but remember how refreshing they were when they happened.

    We also remember things in a more emotional way rather than just thinking about them. We feel more connected to whatever is happening rather than being involved with it only mentally and emotionally.

    This is an important difference to make when health professionals need to know how you are feeling. A health professional can use this information to help you feel better and/or act faster based on your needs.

    Spiritual experience and deep healing

    zen life relax release unconscious bad energy: open up to spiritual experience & deep healing

    A lot of people are curious about spirituality, but they’re not sure where to find it or how to experience it for themselves.

    That’s a shame because there is so much to learn about God and His ways.

    You wouldn’t go to a church unless you were looking for some spiritual experience and healing, right?

    The same thing goes for meditation. You don’t read about meditation in books because you don’t know if you can understand what it means and how to apply it to your life. You have to do it for yourself!

    Some people enjoy learning new things, so why not get some training from a professional? There are many online, local, or phone-based courses that offer instruction on modern mindfulness techniques. Many doctors and medical professionals now offer courses on modern mindfulness techniques as part of their practice.

    Helping others

    zen life relax release unconscious bad energy: open up to spiritual experience & deep healing

    You may have heard of spiritual experiences before, but they’re actually very common. There are many places where you can find God or a higher power.

    In fact, a recent study found that more than half of the population will occasionally experience things beyond their current understanding of physics and biology. This includes people who are highly religious, non-religious, and anyone in between.

    These experiences can be good and negative, spiritual or notural. They can be very enriching or noticable. They can be experience with your own eyes or not. It all depends on what you see, what you feel, and what you hear!

    These experiences can be good or bad depending on how we use them. Some people use God for personal selfishness whereas others use Him as an example for all people to follow.


    zen life relax release unconscious bad energy: open up to spiritual experience & deep healing

    Recent developments in consciousness technology allow people to explore their experiences beyond the limited consciousness range of the human mind. This growth in consciousness technology is called transmeditation or trans awareness.

    Transawareness is a term that refers to the different ways the mind can receive and understand information. The various ways you receive information in your mind are referred to as awareness bases.

    Each awareness base has a specific source of information, and when you have more than one mind (two or more persons sharing a brain), there are more than one source of information in your mind. For example, you may have one body with two sets of thoughts, people sharing a brain with two different personalities, or a combination of both.

    Transawareness allows you to choose which awareness base best suits you at any given time. Using transawareness programs can help enhance your overall health and well-being.

    Living in the moment

    zen life relax release unconscious bad energy: open up to spiritual experience & deep healing

    In the midst of our busy lives, we often fail to appreciate the moment we’re in. We’re constantly running from one experience to the next, never spending time in a place of healing and spiritual growth.

    We’re also spending too much money.

    We live in a world where fast-paced experiences are more important than long-lasting ones. We are quickly distracted by shiny objects and loud noises, which aren’t always best when you’re trying to relax.

    When you spend your money on things that don’t make you more relaxed, you are actually spending money out of your own responsibility. You are also contributing to the diseases and disorders that conditionals such as obesity and stress can cause.

    The healthiest way to spend money is on things that improve my health and reduce my spending on things that do neither.


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